In exactly the opposite way that you think you should get it. Sam and I met in college, fell in love, and made nieve plans to save the world and live a simple life. We didn’t need STUFF- just each other, good friends, good health, and an opportunity to pay it forward. Well… the reality of our 20s and married life slapped us in the face as we realized that simple life we wanted was really not so simply grasped. We went from being top of our class students and life long athletes to disillusioned, over worked, and overwhelmed parents of 5- that were the epitome of “Finny” (skinny at a glance but nothing but bone and flab with no energy or strength).

In our first ten years of marriage we: launched 4 businesses and worked on another launch for 2 years before the company we had hired to develop our platform stopped working on it and stole $10K, birthed 3 children, adopted 2, had 3 other adoptions fall through- including the death of a premature baby we were waiting to adopt, began the venture of homeschooling our kids, got stuck in a house that lost over $100,000 in value when the housing market crashed, went back to school to get a nursing degree (Sam), had our businesses (2 photography companies, a photo booth company, and a makeup app) featured on National TV TWICE (Dr. Phil Show and the Today Show), and wanted to give up about a million times. We felt like, no matter how hard we worked, no matter what positive choices we made, that we were stuck in a perpetual rut…

We had capped out of our local photography market and weren’t willing to travel for higher paying jobs, our house was so small that our two infants had to share a room with us, and our older kids never wanted to play  outside because outside because of the blazing Florida heat and insane amount of fire ants in the back yard… it was a Moses in the dessert experience. And then… we decided to risk it all. We closed all but one of our businesses, moved away from family and friends, rented out the house we couldn’t sell, and started over. We decided to do things differently. Instead of focusing on getting out of our rut by working more and harder- we were going to prioritize the things we really cared about- after all, our oldest daughter was now 8 years old and we had a lot of remorse about how the last 10 years had gone down.


I saw my friend Shay getting healthy and fit and I thought, “If she can do it… if it works for her, I can do it to.” I, Ashley, started an at home fitness and nutrition program and started to change… my body changed, my attitude changed, my copping ability… Sam got… well… jealous- and decided to join me.  THAT was the beginning of something amazing. We were walking out of the dessert. Our minds opened up and we started to dream again. We felt a healthy type of control instead of relying on each other to make each other happy. We loved what were experiencing so much that we decided that we wanted to bring others on our journey by offering to coach them through the same steps we had taken.

That coaching idea- the one that started out as a fun little empowering project to pay it forward- it became a substantial income… so much so that in a year, Sam was able to drop down to only working one shift at the hospital and he now gets to stay home so we can together help or clients and mentor others to lead their own coaching businesses. This has also improved our marriage and allows Sam to be an active part in homeschooling our kids (have you tried to raise 5 kids- 2 in diapers- and three needing to be taught?). And now… that decade of what seemed like a lost cause- I see it now as the biggest blessing because it taught us so much! Our mission is to partner with other women and families that want more out of their lives- that want to THRIVE and not just survive and to support them, love on them, and show them the steps that we have learned to turn the beat around! We call them “life recipes.” Stick around and we will share everything we can to help you live a more productive, efficient, and fulfilling life!

“We’ve got this one precious life. It’s about time we start living it to the fullest!”

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I’ve got a beautiful secret… lean in.  We know how to help you. The results we got, the health we regained, the strength and focus we found… we are ready to share with you EXACTLY what we did to get where we are. We will share with you each and every workout and the exact nutrition plan we have taken. Let’s go!

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 Why would you stay in a job or a life that was so safe and so predictable that you never grew or or bettered yourself. Imagine a job and a life where you got paid to help people and the only cap on your income was the one you put on it. As an online fitness coach, you earn what you learn. We are currently accepting new applications into our coach mentorship academy. If you would like to be considered. Please fill out an application below.


Thanks for visiting Losing it With Sam & Ash. Our goal is to help others go from lives of just surviving the days and phases to thriving each and every day through personal & spiritual growth, compassion, community, and health. We'd love to hear from you!


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